Brown’s Tree Farm offers the highest quality Fresh Christmas Trees available. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with any purchase you make from us. Below are a few testimonials we received from our previous customers.


I am fascinated with the tree we received from you and I’ve already filled out the survey. It couldn’t be any better and would never be as perfectly shaped from a corner lot.

I am fascinated by how fresh it is. We cut off an inch off the bottom as suggested, then followed the MSU website and immediately sprayed the bottom with water. We than put a wet cloth on the cut bottom and removed it when we put it in the stand with water in the bowl. My fascination is with the water absorption since we brought it in 16 days ago. At this point it has absorbed about 12 liters of water. And continues to take almost a liter a day. It is still as fresh as the day we unpacked it.

Thanks for the great Christmas tree. We’ve told many friends where we got it and hopefully you’ll get several new customers next year.

Happy Holidays to you and thank you for a great Christmas Tree.

Thank you for delivering our tree so quickly – it’s almost Christmas and it still looks and smells great! I love being able to order our tree online without the worry of tearing up the top of our car!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

The decorated tree is beautiful and fresh. But I am sending you instead the pic I posted to Facebook the day my tree arrived. As a 63-year-old woman with little manual dexterity and less patience, I was stunned by the fact that I got the six-foot tree out of the box and into the stand, straight and secure, in under six minutes and all by myself. So were my two grown daughters and my dog, K, as you will see by the comments (screenshot attached).

Anyway, I was–and remain–delighted. Thank you!


To Whom It May Concern,

Thank you very much! The tree and wreath are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I was raised with my family always having a real tree and I raised my children the same. We always got our tree from a lot the week before Christmas, so they would last through the new year. Once my girls were older, they decided they wanted an artificial tree, which I have had for the last 15 to 20 years. My oldest granddaughter begged me this year to have a real tree so I decided to try ordering one to see how it goes. I have to tell you, I was a bit nervous about it, BUT I have definitely changed my mind. The tree is beautiful and I absolutely LOVE it!!! It is so fresh and the appearance is practically perfect. As noted, this is the earliest I have ever bought a real tree, and it still remained beautiful when we took it down on January 3. 

You definitely have a new customer (as long as my daughter is OK with the lights and decorating, lol), and I will refer you to anyone I see. The whole buying/shipping went very smoothly and the tree was so simple to get in the stand and to dispose of it!

Thanks again!

Beautiful tree!  It arrived on the date promised.  Packaging was excellent.  The tree came out of the box beautiful and fragrant!

I LOVE my tree !!!!!!!!

It is beautiful and fresh and from MI.  

I will be buying one next year!

Have a Merry Christmas !

I want to thank you. This is the first year I ordered from you. My tree was perfect!!! So fresh I will order it a week earlier so the branches can come down more. We are just taking it down today. The branches are as soft as a new fresh tree. The bag you sent is fantastic! It went around the tree easily and made it simple for my husband to take the tree thru the house and outside. I had very little needle droppings beneath the tree. Fantastic! I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Diane R.

I just wanted to compliment you and your company on the beautiful tree that I ordered from your site.  I received it one week after thanksgiving, and I’m just now taking it down.   I could actually keep it up longer and pretend it is an indoor bush, but I am heading out of town in  a few days so won’t be here to water it.  This I my first ever live Christmas tree in 33yrs, but wanted something special for my 4yo and 1yo first Christmas. Thank you very much for your Superior quality of the tree. Everyone I know has said that their live tree has long since been dead, and mine is still in wonderful condition, just by adding water.  I will defiantly be ordering for you again next Christmas.

Craig G.

I must admit as this was my first not from the corner lot tree I was a bit nervous. What prompted my purchase was my desire for a white pine, which the local tree lots just stopped carrying several years ago. My bride of 26 years was very skeptical of my order.

Well you exceeded our expectations, I could not have picked a better tree. The overall shape was amazing, and the height was perfect. We actually had the tree in the stand for 4 days without lights and decorations just admiring the tree. During our annual family gathering on Christmas Eve everyone and I mean everyone was amazed at my atreetoyourdoor.com Christmas tree. On this New Years Eve the tree has had minimal needle loss, and still holds a beautiful green color.

I expect besides my order next year you may get a few more from the Fort Lauderdale area.

Frank W.

We absolutely loved our christmas tree and wreath. It was the best tree we have ever had. You made it so easy. As the tree arrived at our door in plenty of time to enjoy before christmas. Many thanks and happy new year.

Colleen C.

We loved the tree.  The service was outstanding!  I hope that you will add us to your email list for next year.  It seems that we get a tree from a different place each year.  We are happy with yours for sure.  Thanks.

Joe M.

I was very happy with your service.  The tree was delivered to my 3rd Floor apartment in great shape. I found the stand easy to use as well.  You now have a new and satisfied customer.

Pat S.

We had a wonderful Christmas and your beautiful tree played a big part in it! It was spectacular and our request for a tree with a trunk diameter of 4″ or less in order to fit into our antique tree stand was noted and observed. We thank you all and look forward to doing business with you again next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bob M.

Buy a Real Fresh Christmas Tree from Brown’s Tree Farm this year and we’re sure we’ll be able to add you to our list of satisfied customers!